On the outside, all rooms seem to look the same but once you go inside, they are not

There are different styles and atmospheres in each room. This can be due to different types of furniture that you have in the house or even what you put on your walls. When a designer comes up with a new design for a room, it gives him freedom and opportunity to work on different design elements for the bedroom and children’s room. To get an idea of how rooms change over time, designers have often gathered up old photos from previous houses and used them as reference for their designs.

Carpet is something that really does change over time – it might be color-coded or patterned depending on who made it or what kind of lifestyle we live. We might even come across some carpets

Room can be a place to refresh, rest and relax. In the office, it is often the place where the boss or customer sits. But in a house or a flat, it is also important to have a room that helps you to do your work.

Room was a common space in past. We don’t need a room anymore, but we still consider it as important as the other spaces in our homes.