Room is a style of architecture where the house is located on one area

„The room consists of the living room which covers the whole floor, and other rooms at the same level as a living room.”

We all know that a room is a place where we spend most of our time and that every room has its own characteristics. That’s why it should be recorded in your mind as well as on paper.

It is recommended to always keep at least two copies of your room information. One should be kept in the same location and one can be given to someone who needs to buy furniture for their house (such as a real estate agent, builder or designer). This way you can have a reference for any changes you make in the future and save yourself the stress of repainting your walls or buying new furniture.

This is a room. It has a window which is in the middle of the room and also has a carpet. The wall must be covered with wallpaper because it can be broken by kids.